Are you prepared to unlock the boundless potential of your business? Look no further than SGX Analytics, at the forefront data strategy and data science consulting firm empowering business transformation with Al and Machine Learning, from idea to reality. With our unrivaled expertise in artificial intelligence (Al) systems, we are poised to propel your success across diverse domains such as trading, structured finance, credit risk, arts & entertainment, advertising, publishing, telecom, P&C, and life insurance. 

At SGX Analytics, our team of seasoned principals and advisors brings forth an extensive background in data science and quantitative analysis. We have honed our craft within prestigious Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, and dynamic startups, consistently delivering unparalleled outcomes within the industry. In fact, our exceptional expertise has generated billions of USD in value for our clients, demonstrating our prowess as senior data strategists, data scientists, and quantitative analysts. Our innovative approaches have fostered intellectual property assets, including patents, that truly set our clientele apart.

Envision the extraordinary possibilities that arise when Al and machine learning converge with your business. With our visionary insights, we identify untapped opportunities ripe for transformation, where cost savings, amplified revenue, and lucrative arbitrage prospects lie in wait.

Whether working side by side or remotely, our dedicated data science and engineering teams skillfully navigate the intricacies of your enterprise. From initial design and prototyping to full productization and seamless deployment, we create and implement sophisticated Al systems that bestow upon you a distinctive competitive edge. What sets SGX Analytics apart is our unparalleled command of the entire data science stack. Our principals and staff have pioneered over 20 issued patents in the domains of machine learning and information retrieval.

We have not only mastered the art of scalable Al models but have been deploying generative Al and synthetic data solutions for the past decade, long before the buzzword took hold. Just imagine the groundbreaking advancements we are engineering today that will capture the headlines of tomorrow.

Embark on a transformative journey, embracing the revolution of Al and machine learning with SGX Analytics. We stand as your catalyst for unparalleled success.

Navigating the complex maze of business scenarios or the dynamic landscape of arts and entertainment is a task fit for generative AI, a technology that transforms ambiguity into a pathway of clarity and opportunity.

Some Of Our Projects

Catastrophic Risk Pricing

Our machine learning models were able to price extreme catastrophic risk (extreme weather events, earthquakes, etc.) for an insurance company, setting up the basis for a market based risk transfer mechanism and trading platform for alternative risk investors.

Generative music & literature:

An A.I. designed by us and pre-dating Google's experiments, was able to learn thousands of musical styles, and able to create music in any style and/or any influence we define. Music is currently playing at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. generating revenues for securitization. Click image for more info. The synergy between AI and human imagination amplifies the creative process.

Life & Health Insurance Underwriting

We created an A.I. that was able to generate new rules for insurance underwriting, by analyzing thousands of actual policies. Our A.I. helped create an expanded knowledge base, which allows greater risk-adjusted profitability when data containing time-series of claims is used jointly with a probabilistic graphical model.

Credit Risk Management & Training

Our machine learning models successfully reduced the default risk associated with loan origination for different types of products, increasing risk-adjusted returns for a financial services firm in both, structuring and trading.

Trading & portfolio management:

AI models evaluate real-time market data, historical trends, and global economic indicators to predict asset price movements and optimize trading decisions using generative models. For systematic portfolio managers, AI provides a robust framework to diversify investments and mitigate risks dynamically, offering a significant edge over static, rule-based strategies.

Our team's summary of expertise


We are polyglots and code in over 20  languages: Python & Python Scientific Stack, Theano, Tensor Flow, R, Matlab, Octacve, Java, D3.js, Tableau, Fortran 90, C++, Mathematica, Scala, Perl, Cocoa, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CUDA, OpenCV, SQL, HDF5.


Over 15 bn USD in value of data products created just for the investment banking and insurance industry, plus equally large amounts for other verticals.


We have domain expertise in over 10 areas: trading, structured finance, credit risk, arts & entertainment, advertising, telecom, insurance, engineering, economics, publishing, and information retrieval systems.


Over 20 issued patents covering areas such as information retrieval systems, computational linguistics, time series analysis and others.


SGX Analytics, LLC is a data strategy and data science consulting firm based in New York City with practical experience in building artificial intelligence (AI) systems.


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