SGX Analytics, LLC is a data strategy and data science consulting firm based in New York City with practical experience in building artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems for business applications in trading, structured finance, credit risk, arts & entertainment, advertising, publishing, telecom, P&C, and life insurance.

Our principals and advisors have many years of experience in data science and quantitative analysis, having worked for a number of Fortune 100 companies as well as hedge funds and even startups.

We have literally created billions of USD in value for the companies we have worked for and/or advised as senior data strategists, data scientists, or quantitative analysts. We are able to build first of their kind solutions which become intellectual property assets (patents) for our clients.

We can identify areas of your business that can benefit from machine learning and automation through cost savings and/or increased revenue and/or arbitrage opportunities.

After identifying critical and profitable areas in your business, we can lead data science and engineering teams either on or offsite to design, prototype, productize, and deploy complex A.I. systems to give your business a competitive edge. 

Our principals and talented staff cover the full spectrum of the data science stack, and have been the main inventors of over 20 issued machine learning and information retrieval patents, and have developed scalable A.I. models for many industries.

Rob Sentz, Forbes Magazine / November 2016
Many sectors continue to feel the pinch for professionals with the education, training, and analytical prowess to turn big data into real insight—making data scientists some of the most sought-after talent in the labor market.

Some of our projects:


Film Financing & TV viewership

Our models correctly forecasted revenues and TV viewership, at very granular levels, for films and TV shows by analyzing large scale time-series data sets and optimizing many qualitative and quantitative aspects of financing, marketing, and distribution. The model also serves as a multi purpose (end users and/or asset generator) large scale recommendation system.


Catastrophic Risk Pricing

Our machine learning models were able to price extreme catastrophic risk (extreme weather events, earthquakes, etc.) for an insurance company, setting up the basis for a market based risk transfer mechanism and trading platform for alternative risk investors.


A.I. Generated Music

An A.I. designed by us and pre-dating Google's experiments, was able to learn thousands of musical styles, and able to create music in any style and/or any influence we define. Music is currently playing at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. generating revenues for securitization. Click image for more info.


Credit Risk Management & Trading

Our machine learning models successfully reduced the default risk associated with loan origination for different types of products, increasing risk-adjusted returns for a financial services firm in both, structuring and trading.


Life and Health Insurance Underwriting

We created an A.I. that was able to generate new rules for insurance underwriting, by analyzing thousands of actual polices. Our A.I. helped create an expanded knowledge base, which allows greater risk-adjusted profitability when data containing time-series of claims is used jointly with a probabilistic graphical model.


A.I. Driven Crypto Currency Mining & Trading Operation

Our A.I. allocates computing resources to different crypto currency mining & trading operations, based on market prices and other inputs. We use proven methodologies employed by top-tier investment banks, coupled with proprietary forecasting and optimization models that leverage computational and behavioral economics concepts.

SGX Analytics can unlock the value of your data by designing and deploying the right data science stack and machine learning tools for your organization, whether you are a startup, a hedge fund, a Fortune 100 company or any other organization.

Our team's summary of expertise:



We are polyglots and code in over 20 languages: Python & Python Scientific Stack, Theano, Tensor Flow, R, Matlab, Octave, Java, D3.js, Tableau, Fortran 90, C++, Mathematica, Stata, Latex, VB, Scala, Perl, Cocoa, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CUDA, OpenCV, SQL, HDF5.



Over 15 bn USD in value of data products created just for the investment banking and insurance industry, plus equally large amounts for other verticals.



We have domain expertise in over ten areas: trading, structured finance, credit risk, arts & entertainment, advertising, telecom, insurance, engineering, economics, publishing, and information retrieval systems.



Over 20 issued patents covering areas such as information retrieval systems, computational linguistics, time series analysis and others.

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