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SGX Analytics is a data science consulting firm empowering business transformation with Al and Machine Learning, from idea to reality.

Expertise in various Domains



Our strategies leverage advanced algorithms to analyze market trends, assess risk, and optimize trading decisions.


Credit Risk

Leveraging AI, we develop models that precisely assess creditworthiness, enabling you to make informed lending decisions.


Arts & Entertainment

Through data-driven insights, we assist in audience analysis, content optimization, and personalized experiences.



We leverage AI to analyze consumer behavior, optimize ad targeting, and maximize ROI with data-driven approach.


Structured Finance

We design and implement solutions that enhance decision-making processes, mitigate risks, and streamline operations.


Life Insurance

SGX Analytics brings innovative solutions to assess risk, personalize policies, and enhance customer experiences.

Featured Projects

Clients and partners are using our solutions to build their own solutions. Check out some of our work below.


Film & Financing TV Viewership

Our models correctly forecasted revenues and TV viewership, at very granular levels, for films and TV shows by analyzing large scale time-series data sets and optimizing many qualitative and quantitative aspects of financing, marketing, and distribution. The model also serves as a multipurpose (end users and/or asset generator) large scale recommendation system.


Generative music & literature

An A.I. designed by us and pre-dating Google's experiments, was able to learn thousands of musical styles, and able to create music in any style and/or any influence we define. Music is currently playing at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. generating revenues for securitization. The synergy between AI and human imagination amplifies the creative process.


Catastrophic Risk Pricing

Our machine learning models were able to price extreme catastrophic risk (extreme weather events, earthquakes, etc.) for an insurance company, setting up the basis for a market based risk transfer mechanism and trading platform for alternative risk investors.


Life & Health Insurance Underwriting

We created an A.I. that was able to generate new rules for insurance underwriting, by analyzing thousands of actual policies. Our A.I. helped create an expanded knowledge base, which allows greater risk-adjusted profitability when data containing time-series of claims is used jointly with a probabilistic graphical model.


Credit risk forecast

Our machine learning models successfully reduced the default risk associated with loan origination for different types of products, increasing risk-adjusted returns for a financial services firm in both, structuring and trading.


Trading & portfolio management

AI models evaluate real-time market data, historical trends, and global economic indicators to predict asset price movements and optimize trading decisions using generative models. For systematic portfolio managers, AI provides a robust framework to diversify investments and mitigate risks dynamically, offering a significant edge over static, rule-based strategies.

Our Team's Collective Expertise

Technical Excellence

Our team has over 50 years of collective experience building advanced systems in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, time series analysis, and more. We stay on the cutting edge by constantly learning new methods and frameworks. We have particular expertise in deep learning, reinforcement learning, Bayesian modeling, optimization algorithms and other advanced techniques for tackling complex data problems.

Business Impact

We have launched +20 data products and systems that are used by major banks, hedge funds, insurance providers, regulators, and startups. Our solutions have contributed + $500 million in operational efficiencies, cost savings, and/or added revenue for clients across financial services, insurance, utilities, healthcare, and more verticals.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Our team members have founded or held senior positions in numerous startups spanning technology, finance, insurance, and more. They also have experience in entrepreneurial divisions of large corporations and collectively, we hold over 20 issued US patents in information retrieval and related areas.

Dedicated to Innovation

We actively contribute to the research community with over 10 peer-reviewed papers published in journals and top AI conferences. Our team members serve as editors, program committee members, and expert reviewers for various journals, in addition to being keynote speakers at numerous conferences.

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