Michael Hasak

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Specialist

Michael is an expert at accelerating the rate and quality of engineering operations to meet aggressive business goals for high-profile corporate clients. His responsibilities include realtime on-demand logistics platform, ensure product success through desktop and mobile app and backend design, testing automation, beta test design, and deployment of realtime usage, performance, and error metrics. Michael has become very proficient at ensuring team-member success through task writing and sequencing, removal of roadblocks, code review, mentoring, getting to know tech team individual strengths and motivations. He excels at communicating with company leadership, operations, data science and marketing teams, adjusting strategy and tactics in response to business demands. He acquired the bulk of his experience working as Software Engineers for Stanford University and Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International (inventors of Apple’s SIRI) in Palo Alto, California. He codes in Objective-C, Swift, Java (Android), Python, Go / golang, PHP. Pubnub, Stripe, microservices, etc. He has a BA in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.